Ganesha Homa

Ganesha homa is a special vedic performance which is done on select days of a week. Ganesha, who is known as  "Vighnahartha" is invoked into the Deva Kalasha. Shodashopachara puja is offered to the Lord followed by a detailed Homa. The Homa dravyas are: Ajiya, Charu (Poddy and Jaggery) and Samit (Arka or Ashwattha tree wooden pieces). Purnahuthi is offered in a red-coloured cloth at the end of the Homa. 

Benifits : 

  • Progress in personal and professional life.
  • Releif from all hindrances at work.
  • Boost in self-confidence through the blessings of Lord Ganapathi.

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